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Amazing Jacket July 31, 2018
Reviewer: C Fella from Albany, OR United States  
This thing--is awesome. I purchased this and the Raider Pants at the same time. It isn't as heavy as I was expecting, and is also more flexible. I do NOT mean it isn't heavy duty. It is obvious this jacket will take some massive abuse--just for a warm up. Perfect use of space with all the pockets for storage, and the PALS webbing allows you to customize to your heart's content. Not a cheap jacket, but it doesn't matter because this jacket will last forever, period. As an added bonus, it looks cool as hell!

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Hard-wearing and good looking jacket December 1, 2017
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Europe  
I own a Black Mark V for one year and now got a second one in Ranger Green. I love that it has more of a traditional outdoor look that does not stand out as much as the Mark I or the Mark IV do. The Ranger Green colour looks really good.

The single best quality about it is the ultra-durable construction. Stitching with hard-wearing thread is very well done, the fabric is very strong and abrasion resistant and the zippers and snap buttons are of high quality. And the cut and the pocket layout are both very good.

Howether, i do not like the asymmetrical pockets and the MOLLE-webbing at the front. Luckily it is relatively easy to remove these without the need to unseam. Without them the jacket looks much more unobtrusive - i wear it from autumn to spring in everyday life and work.

The only thing i really dislike about the jacket is the drag strap at the back. It is of no use outside of a firefight and it can not be removed without some unseaming.

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Excellent quality July 24, 2017
Reviewer: Kristina Conner from Des Moines, IA United States  
My husband got the MK1V but they don't fit the female form well at all. I got this and good lord is it nice.
Easy to carry everything I need. A pocket for everything and webbing for the rest.
Works flawlessly in the cold Iowa winters.
Fine clothing is a worthwhile investment. Like it used to be in the old days, before everything was disposable.
I have 2 pair of the women's pants and one of the light weight women's jackets from these guys. Highly recommended.

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Worth Every Penny February 23, 2017
Reviewer: Patrick S from Cincinnati, Ohio USA  
I was really on the fence about spending this kind of money on a jacket and an uninsulated one at that. I decided to treat myself and couldn't be happier. This jacket is great.

I like the styling and have received several compliments from friends. The inside lining is very comfortable and you can feel the quality. This thing will probably last a lifetime.

For me this jacket works down to about 40 degrees. Any colder and I need an insulated baselayer (I used an Alpha Sweater from Beyond and it works perfectly). Water runs right off.

This jacket is much more flexible than other Cordura jackets. Even with the addition of the pads in the elbows I have an excellent range of motion. I am 6'1" and about 210 lbs and a large fit perfectly even with the Alpha Sweater under it.

If you are on the fence about dropping this kind of money go ahead and take the plunge. You will not be disappointed.

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You want the best? December 15, 2016
Reviewer: Benoit Veran from BOULOGNE BILLANCOURT, ... France  
Franckly the quality is outstanding! I cannot say more.
I also have a pant and it is likewise.
These are tough stuff to endure weather and harsh conditions whichever they are.

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M1A1 of Jackets March 17, 2016
Reviewer: Tim Fielding from Kalamazoo, MI United States  
If you are looking for the best like I was and still do, this is it.  You won't find a tougher more thought out design than this.  I walked into the room and was instantly asked where did you get that!  Very high quality, the best IMHO.

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A one of a kind jacket December 12, 2015
Reviewer: Ryan from Macomb Township, MI United States  
One of the first questions many people ask is if the jacket is worth the price.  My answer is if this is the type of jacket you are looking for then YES.

This jacket fits a niche and if you have desired anything close to this then you need to get it.

It is built incredibly tough.  It has more pockets than you will ever need.  It simply feels different than any other jacket I own.  The Cordura is very strong but also allows you to stay very warm.  The jacket isn't quite thick but the material keeps you warm.

From the pictures you can tell that this jacket has a tactical look.  Who cares?  It's functional and I wear it a lot.  I have a feeling this jacket will last a long time, so to me the money was well spent.

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Most Impressed July 4, 2015
Reviewer: R. Franks from TX United States  
This jacket has served me well for about three years.  The stitching still looks as good as the day I received it.  The length of the coat is perfect if spending time outdoors in damp or breezy weather.  Tons of workable pockets that seem extremely well thought out in placement.  Although the jacket is not waterproof it serves its purpose well without any surface treatment provided you are not in a full on pour for an extended time.  If your going to be wet off and on in this coat for a long duration, I would recommend a surface protectant or simply dawn the rain coat at the proper time in layers.  Do that and problems are solved, check with Kitanica on what they recommend.  The fabric is very hearty and stands up well to hard use.  Could not be more pleased.

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